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Reading a Chained Bible from A Popular History of England, by Charles Knight, 1854

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The Reader, by Alexander Ver Huell (c. 1880)

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The Anatomy of Melancholy, By "Democritus Junior" (Robert Burton)

The Adventures of Bampfylde-Moore Carew, King of the Beggars


The Black Book, by Thomas Middleton

Bonnie Annie Laurie, by William Douglas

The Book of Household Management, by Mrs. Isabella Beeton


Casabianca, by Felicia Hemans

The Cats/Les Chats, by François-Augustin Paradis de Moncrif

Chevy Chase

The Complete Cony-catching, by Robert Greene

The Consolation of Philosophy, by Boethius

A Counterblast to Tobacco, by King James VI of Scotland and I of England

The Covent Garden Calendar

Christmas Day in the Workhouse, by George Sims


The Devil on Two Sticks by A-R. LeSage

Death's Duel by John Donne.

The Diary of a Lover of Literature, by Thomas Green


English as She is Spoke, by Pedro Carolino and Jose da Fonseca


The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women by John Knox

Foxe's Book of Martyrs


Gerard's Herbal

Gil Blas by A-R LeSage, Trans. B H Malkin

Gossip in a Library , by Edmund Gosse

A Groat's Worth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance by Robert Greene

The Guardian Angel, by Paul de Kock


Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies

The History of the Human Heart

The History of Ireland by Geoffrey Keating

The History of King Richard the Third, by Thomas More

The History of Pompey the Little, by Francis Coventry

A History of the Protestant Reformation in England, by William Cobbett.

Hudibras by Samuel Butler


The Ingoldsby Legends, by The Rev. Richard H. Barham


Johnnie Cope, by Adam Skirving


Knocknagow, by Charles Kickham


Lilliburlero, by Thomas Wharton

Lives and Anecdotes of Misers, by F. Somner Merryweather

The Life of John Buncle, by Thomas Amory.

The Life of Beau Nash, by Oliver Goldsmith.

The Life of Pico della Mirandola, by Thomas More et al.

Love and Business, by George Farquhar

Love and Madness, A Story too True, by Herbert Croft


The Martyrdom of Man, by Winwood Reade

Master Humphrey and Mr. Pickwick, by Charles Dickens

The Masterpiece, and other works of "Aristotle, the Famous Philosopher"

The Memoirs of Jozef Boruwlaski, The Last Court Dwarf

The Memoirs of Laetitia Pilkington

The Memoirs of Mrs. Margaret Leeson

The Merrythought, or Bog-House and Glass-window Miscellany, by "Hurlothrumbo"

The Metamorphosis of Ajax, by Sir John Harington

Monro His Expedition with the Worthy Scots Regiment called Mac-Keys, by Robert Monro

A Modest Defence of Public Stews

Mrs. Cromwell's Kitchen


A Narrative of the Spanish Armada and His Adventures in Ireland, by Captain Francesco de Cuellar

The Necromancer, by "Lorenz Flammenberg" (Karl Friedrich Kahlert)

The Newgate Calendar

Nugae Antiquae, by Sir John Harington


Out of the Hurly Burly by Max Adeler



The Poems of John Skelton

The Poetical Works of Ossian, by James Macpherson

The Prince on St. Patrick's Day, by Leigh Hunt


The Quakers' Spiritual Court Proclaimed, by Nathaniel Smith


Radical Pamphlets from the English Civil War

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, edited by Thomas Percy

The Rowley Poems, by Thomas Chatterton


Sally in our Alley, by Henry Carey

The Sands of Dee, by Charles Kingsley

Scepsis Scientifica, or the Vanity of Dogmatizing, by Joseph Glanvill

The Shepherd Swaine

The Silver Fox, by Edith Œnone Somerville and Martin Ross

The Song of the Shirt, by Thomas Hood


Studies in the Art of Ratcatching, by H. C. Barkley


The Three Imposters,  by Prince Don Juan Manuel

A Tour in Ireland in 1775

A Tour in Lapland, by Carolus Linnæus

The True Story of John Carteret Pilkington


Ultra-Crepidarius, by Leigh Hunt and William Hazlitt


The Vicar of Bray



Man Descended from Monkey!, by Georges Pilotell, 1871

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