Bibliographic Note and Acknowledgements

The originals of the pamplets reprinted here are all in university or National libraries, and have rarely been reprinted. Most if not all of them are available as page scans via the Early English Books Online; – however this is confined to University libraries, and they make it clear that others will not be given access. (The organizers seem to be as fanatically determined to restrict it to the academic priesthood as the Catholic Church were to make sure only the clergy had access to the Bible.) The texts provided here have been scraped together from a diversity of printed and online sources; the particular one is given at the beginning of each.

Spelling and capitalization have been standardized. Latin has been translated.

We would like to thank Mikke Sennekke and Richard Schneider for providing us with a copy of Digger Tracts, 1649-50, published by John the Red Nose, Seattle?, 1996.

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