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Memoirs of Laetitia Pilkington - Dedication</p>


Sir Robert King, Bart.

            'Tis a very great pleasure to me, in an age where vice is looked on as a kind of fashionable accomplishment, to hear of one young gentleman, who is not ashamed of being singularly good, who has a tear for pity, and a hand open as Day for melting charity, without any sinister views; and who has happily united the fine gentleman to the good Christian.
            These sir, are unfading honours! These shall embalm and sanctify your name on Earth; and when this transient scene is past, be a sweet and acceptable sacrifice to God.
            That your virtues may long adorn and bless this world, and receive a full and glorious recompense in the next, is the ardent prayer of,
Your most obliged,
And most obedient servant,
L. Pilkington.

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