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Memoirs of Laetitia Pilkington - Bibliographic Note</p>

Bibliographic Note

            The Memoirs of Mrs. Lętitia Pilkington, Wife to the Rev. Mr. Matth. Pilkington. Written by herself. Wherein are occasionally interspersed, all her poems, with anecdotes of several eminent persons, living and dead was first published in three volumes in 1748, 1749 and 1754 respectively. An edition of extracts from the memoirs was published in 1759 under the title Mrs. Pilkington's Jests. The three volumes were reprinted in 1776. There was then a very long gap until the next edition, edited by Iris Barry in 1928; perhaps this publication was inspired by Virginia Woolf's article, which is reprinted here. An excellent edition with very extensive notes was published in 1997 by A. C. Elias Jr., but was fabulously expensive and is now out of print.

            This Ex-Classics edition is taken from a facsimile of the first edition of each volume. Spelling and capitalisation have been modernised.


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