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The Reader, by Alexander Ver Heull (c. 1880)

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  • Poliphilus' Dream of Love
    Hypnerotomachia Poliphili was first published in 1499 in Venice from a manuscript perhaps fifty years earlier. This account of a remarkable dream is one of the earliest, and for its time one of the best-illustrated books. It takes the reader through a phantasmagoric land of extraordinary architecture. people and events.
  • The History and Chronicles of Scotland, by Hector Boece.
    This was the first complete history of Scotland to be written. Hector Boece (14651536) compiled it from earlier chronicles and published it in Latin in the year 1527 as Historia Gentis Scotorum, (The History of the Scottish People.)  It was a major source for Holinshed's Chronicles, mined by Shakespeare for his story of Macbeth.  In 1536 it was translated from Latin into Scots by John Bellenden; there is also a French translation done at about the same time. It has never been translated into English.. Our version will be a translation of Bellenden's version into modern English. 


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