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Stop! My Book! Bookplate of Rudolph Benkard, by W.S., 1895

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The Reader, by Alexander Ver Heull (c. 1880)

In Preparation  

  • Gerard's Herbal
    This vast and exhaustive work of early modern botany, illustrated with nearly two thousand woodcuts,  had its final edition in 1633.  Almost every plant known to European  herbalists at the time is included, with a picture, description, uses, and   anecdotes of the plant, its discoverers and much more.  Part of our Gossip in a Library project -- see here for Gosse's  article. Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are now available -- the rest will follow
  • The Covent Garden Calendar
    As a kind of companion piece to The Newgate Calendar, we are preparing an anthology of  accounts of prostitutes, courtesans and mercenary spouses in 18th-Century Britain.




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