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Hudibras Glossary



Advowtry Adultery
Animalia Animals (L.)
Arsie-versie Upside-down
Aruspicy Prophesying, fortune-telling
Bachrach Wine from Bacharach, in Germany
Bavin A bundle of firewood
Boutefeu Arsonist or (literal or metaphorical) firebrand
Cacodaemon An evil Spirit
Caldes'd Cheated
Calendae The 1st or 2nd of the month
Calleche A carriage with two wheels and a folding hood
Camelion A giraffe
Camisado An attack by night, during which the attackers wore shirts over their armour so they could recognise one another
Cane & Angue pejus Worse than a dog or a snake (L.)
Caperdewsie The stocks
Capoch'd Pulled off the hoods
Caprich A caprice
Carbonading Thrashing, beating
Carroch A stately or luxurious carriage
Catasta The stocks
Cawdie A military cadet
Cawdle Soup or gruel
Ceruse White lead used as a cosmetic
Champaign Champagne wine
Champain Countryside
Chous'd, choust, chows'd Cheated
Chowse A cheat's victim
Classis The elders and pastors of all the Presbyterian congregations in a district
Coincidere To come together (L.)
Congees Bows, curtseys
Conster Construe, explain
Conventicle Secret or illegal religious meetings
Covins Conspiracies
Cucking-stool A stool to which a malefactor (often an unfaithful wife) was tied, to be exposed to public ridicule, or ducked in a pond or river.
Curship The title of being a cur -- pun on "worship"
Curule An ivory chair used as a mayor's throne
Deletory That which wipes out or destroys
Deodand In English law an article which had caused a man's death was ordered by the court to be a forfeited as a deodand (Ad Deo dandum - to be given to God). Before the reformation it or its value was given to the Church; afterwards to the local landowner.
Dewtry A stupefying drink made from the Indian thorn-apple fruit.
Dialectico A philosophical point of argument
Dictum factum No sooner said than done (L.)
Disparo To separate (L.)
Donzel A young page or squire
Drazel A slut
Ducatoon An Italian silver coin, worth about 6 shillings.
Ejusdem generis Of the same kind (L.)
Enucleate To explain the meaning of
Ex parte On behalf of (L.)
Exaun A religious establishment not under the authority of the local bishop
Fadging Fitting
Feme-covert A woman under the protection of a husband ( a legal term)
Ferk Beat, whip
Festina lente Make haste slowly (L.)
Fingle-fangle A whimsical or fantastic idea
Fother A cart-load
Fulhams Loaded dice
Ganzas The birds which the hero of a popular romance harnessed to take him to the moon
Genethliack A caster of horoscopes
Geomancy Divination by interpreting the patterns of lines drawn at random on the ground or on paper.
Gleave A spear or halberd
Granado A grenade
Grilly'd Grilled
Grincam Syphilis
Guep Go on! -- said to a horse or as an expression of derision.
Habergeon A chain-mail shirt
Haut-gousts Tasty things
Headborough A constable
Hiccius Doctius A nonsense word used by jugglers, conjurers etc., hence, any kind of trick or dishonest dealing
Hight Called, named
Hoccamore Wine from Hochheim, in Germany
Horary Hourly
Huckle The hip
Hugonots French Calvinists
Hypocondries The upper abdomen, between the breastbone and the navel
Id est That is (L.)
Idem The same (L.)
Illation Inference, deduction
In eodem subjecto Thrown together in the same place (L.)
In querpo Naked
Jobbernol(e) A thick head or blockhead
Jure divino By God's law (L.)
Langued Heraldic term meaning, with a tongue of a particular colour e.g. langued gules - with a red tongue
Lathy Thin, like a lath
Linsey-woolsey A cloth of mixed wool and linen threads
Linstock A stick for holding a gunner's match
L'Ombre A card game
Longees Lunges
Lustrations Ceremonials of ritual purification by washing
Mainprize To stand surety for someone
Manicon A plant (deadly nightshade) or its extract, believed to cause insanity when taken.
Manto Mantua, a kind of woman's loose gown
Martlet A swallow or martin
Mazzard The head
Meazle A spot or pustule
Mira de lente Wonderfully slow (L.)
Mordicus With the teeth (L.)
Morpion A crab-louse
Mundungus Bad tobacco
Nare olfact Nostril (L.)
Neat (noun) A calf or cow
Negatur It is denied (L.)
Nimmer A petty thief
Omnibus nervis With every sinew (L.)
Oppugn Attack or fight against
Orcades The Orkneys
pacquet-male Large wallet
Padder A thief
Pari Libra Equally (L.)
Pathic Passively homosexual
Pernicion Total ruin
Petronel A short carbine or large pistol
Picqueer Skirmish or quarrel
Pigsney A term of endearment for a woman, "darling"
Plus satis More than enough (L.)
Poesie Poetry
Pullen Poultry
Punese A bed-bug
Pursy Rich
Quarteridge A tax or payment due quarterly
Quatenus So far as (it is) (L.)
Quillets Verbal points or quibbles
Rampiers Ramparts
Rationalia Thinking creatures (L.)
Rochet A bishop's white gown or surplice
Satis Enough
Sault Jump
Scire facias To know the appearance of (L.)
Sedes Stercoraria Filthier seat (L.)
Seisin A token of ownership, formally handed over when property is sold.
Shanker A venereal sore, chancre
Slubberdegullion A dirty, slovenly person
Soland geese Barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis)
Staffier A footman
Stentrophonick Loud, as from a megaphone
Stum A mixture of wine and grape juice
Suggill'd Beaten severely
Sui juris Independently (L.)
Swound A swoon
Synodical Arising from or of the nature of a synod - a meeting of bishops etc. of the Anglican Church
Tantundem dat tantidem So much of that gives so much of this = they are exactly the same (L.)
Tarsel A male falcon
Theorbo A kind of lute with two necks
Totidem verbis In just as many words (L.)
Trapes Tripes
Trepan To trap
Trigon A set of 3 signs of the Zodiac at 120-degree angles to each other
Tussis pro crepitu A cough for a fart (L.)
Velis & remis By sail and oar (L.)
Veni, Vidi, Vici I came, I saw, I conquered (L.)
Versal Universal
Videlicet That is, viz. (L.)
Vitiligation Argument, quarrelling
Vizard A mask or disguise
Welkin The sky
Whiffler A ceremonial guard who cleared the way for a mayor or other official
Whinyard A short sword
Ycleped Named
Yerst Erst, formerly



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