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Gerard's Herbal


Volume 1

Bibliographic and Editorial Note

Title Page

Introduction by Edmund Gosse

Dedication to William Cecil, Lord Burghley

Stephen Bredwell to the Reader

George Baker to the Reader

John Gerard to the Reader

Thomas Johnson to the Reader


CHAP 1. Of Meadow Grass.

CHAP. 2. Of Red Dwarf-Grass.

CHAP. 3. Of Corn-Grass.

CHAP. 4. Of Millet grass.

CHAP. 5. Of Darnel Grass.

CHAP. 6. Of Feather-top, Fern, and Wood-Grass.

CHAP. 7. Of Great Fox-tail grass.

CHAP. 8. Of Cat's-tail Grass.

CHAP. 9. Of Cyperus Grass.

CHAP. 10. Of Water-Grass.

CHAP. 11. Of Float-Grass.

CHAP. 12. Of Kneed-Grass.

CHAP. 13. Of Bearded Panic Grass.

CHAP. 14. Of Hedgehog Grass.

CHAP. 15. Of Hairy Wood-Grass.

CHAP. 16. Of Sea Spike-Grass.

CHAP. 17. Of Couch-Grass, or Dog's-Grass.

CHAP. 18. Of Sea Dog's-Grass.

CHAP. 19. Of Upright Dog's-Grass.

CHAP. 20. Of Dew-Grass.

CHAP. 21. Of divers Cyperus Grasses.

CHAP. 22. Of divers other Grasses.

CHAP. 23. Of Cotton Grass.

CHAP. 24. Of English Galingale.

CHAP. 25. Of Italian Trasi, or Spanish Galingale.

CHAP. 26. Of the true Galingale, the greater and the lesser.

CHAP. 27. Of Turmeric.

CHAP. 28. Of Zedoary.

CHAP. 29. Of Rushes.

CHAP. 30. Of Reeds.

CHAP. 31. Of Sugar Cane.

CHAP. 32. Of Flowering Reed.

CHAP. 33. Of Paper Reed.

CHAP. 34. Of Mat-weed.

CHAP. 35. Of Camels' Hay.

CHAP. 36. Of Bur-Reed.

CHAP. 37. Of Cat's Tail.

CHAP. 38. Of Stitchwort.

CHAP. 39. Of Spiderwort.

CHAP. 40. Of the Fleur-de-lys.

CHAP. 41. Of Fleur-de-lys of Florence.

CHAP 42. Of Variable Fleur-de-lys.

CHAP. 43. Of Stinking Gladdon.

CHAP. 44. Of Ginger.

CHAP. 45. Of Aromatical Reeds.

CHAP. 46. Of Corn.

CHAP. 47. Of Rye

CHAP. 48. Of Spelt corn.

CHAP. 49. Of Starch Corn.

CHAP. 50. Of Barley.

CHAP. 51. Of Naked Barley.

CHAP. 52. Of Wall Barley.

CHAP. 53. Of Saint Peter's Corn.

CHAP. 54. Of Oats.

CHAP. 55. Of Wild Oats.

CHAP. 56. Of Bearded Wild Oats.

CHAP. 57. Of Burnt Corn.

CHAP. 58. Of Darnel.

CHAP. 59. Of Rice.

CHAP. 60. Of Millet.

CHAP. 61. Of Turkey Corn.

CHAP. 62. Of Turkey Millet.

CHAP. 63. Of Panic.

CHAP. 64. Of Canary Seed, or Petty Panic.

CHAP. 65. Of Fox-Tail.

CHAP. 66. Of Job's Tears.

CHAP. 67. Of Buckwheat.

CHAP. 69. Of Wild Cow-wheat.

CHAP. 70. Of White Asphodel.

CHAP. 71. Of the King's Spear.

CHAP. 72. Of Onion Asphodel.

CHAP. 73. Of Yellow Lilies.

CHAP. 74. Of Bulbed Fleur-de-lys.

CHAP. 75. Of Spanish Nut.

CHAP. 76. Of Corn-Flag.

CHAP. 77. Of Starry Hyacinths and their Kinds.

CHAP. 78. Of Autumn Hyacinths.

CHAP. 79. Of the English Hyacinth, or Harebells.

CHAP. 80. Of Fair-haired Hyacinth.

CHAP. 81. Of Muscari or Musked Grape-flower.

CHAP. 82. Of Woolly Bulbus.

CHAP. 83. Of two feigned Plants.

CHAP. 84. Of Daffodils.

CHAP. 85. Of the Bastard Dafodill.

CHAP. 86. Of divers other Daffodils or Narcissuss.

CHAP. 87. Of Tulip, or the Dalmatian Cap.

CHAP. 88. Of Bulbous Violets.

CHAP. 89. Of Turkey or Guinea-hen flower.

CHAP. 90. Of True Saffron, and the wild or Spring Saffrons.

CHAP. 91. Of Meadow Saffron.

CHAP. 92. Of Star of Bethlehem.

CHAP. 93. Of Onions.

CHAP. 94. Of Squills, or Sea-Onions.

CHAP. 95. Of Leeks.

CHAP. 96. Of Chives and Wild Leeks.

CHAP. 97. Of Garlic.

CHAP. 98. Of Crow-Garlic and Ramsons.

CHAP. 99. Of Mountain Garlic.

CHAP. 100. Of Moly, or the Sorcerer's garlic.

CHAP. 101. Of divers other Molies.

CHAP. 102. Of White Lilies.

CHAP. 103. Of Red Lilies.

CHAP. 104. Of Mountain Lilies.

CHAP. 105. Of the Red Lily of Constantinople.

CHAP. 106. Of the narrow-leaved reflex Lilies.

CHAP. 107. Of the Persian Lily.

CHAP. 108. Of the Crown Imperial.

CHAP. 109. Of Dog's Tooth.

CHAP. 110. Of Dog's Stones.

CHAP. 111. Of Fool's Stones.

CHAP. 112. Of Goat's Stones.

CHAP. 113. Of Fox Stones.

CHAP. 114. Of Sweet Cullions.

CHAP. 115. Of Satyrion Royal.

CHAP. 116. Of Serapis' Stones.

CHAP. 117. Of Fenny Stones.

CHAP. 118. Of Bird's Nest.

Part 2


CHAP. 1. Of Turnips.

CHAP. 2. Of Wild Turnips.

CHAP. 3. Of Navews.

CHAP. 4. Of Lion's Turnip, or Lion's Leaf.

CHAP. 5. Of Radish.

CHAP: 6. Of Wild Radish.

CHAP. 7. Of Horse-Radish.

CHAP. 8. Of Winter Cresses.

CHAP. 9. Of Mustard.

CHAP. 10. Of Rocket.

CHAP. 11. Of Tarragon.

CHAP. 12. Of Garden Cresses.

CHAP. 13. Of Indian Cresses.

CHAP. 14. Of Sciatica Cresses.

CHAP. 15. Of Bank Cresses.

CHAP. 16. Of Dock-Cresses.

CHAP. 17. Of Water-Parsnip, and Water-Cresses.

CHAP. 18. Of Wild Water-Cresses, or Cuckoo-flowers.

CHAP. 19. Of Treacle Mustard.

CHAP. 20. Of Candy Mustard.

CHAP. 21. Of Divers Other Mustards.

CHAP. 22. Of Woody Mustard.

CHAP. 23. Of Towers Mustard.

CHAP. 24. Of Turkey Cresses.

CHAP. 25. Of Shepherd's Purse.

CHAP. 26. Of Italian Rocket

CHAP. 27. Of Groundsel.

CHAP. 28. Of Saint James his Wort, or Ragwort

CHAP. 29. Of Garden Succory.

CHAP. 30. Of Wild Succory.

CHAP. 31. Of Gum Succory.

CHAP. 32. Of Dandelion.

CHAP. 33. Of Sow-Thistle.

CHAP. 34. Of Hawkweed.

CHAP. 35. Of Clusius' Hawkweed.

CHAP. 36. Of French or Golden Lungwort.

CHAP. 37. Of Lettuce.

CHAP. 38. Of Wild Lettuce.

CHAP. 39. Of Lamb's Lettuce, or Corn Salad.

CHAP. 40. Of Coleworts.

CHAP. 41. Of Rape-Cole

CHAP. 42. Of Beets.

CHAP. 43. Of Blites.

CHAP. 44. Of Flower-Gentle.

CHAP. 45. Of Orach.

CHAP. 46. Of Stinking Orach.

CHAP. 47. Of Goose-Foot.

CHAP. 48. Of English Mercury.

CHAP. 49. Of Spinach.

CHAP. 50. Of Pellitory of the Wall.

CHAP. 51. Of French Mercury.

CHAP. 52. Of Wild Mercury.

CHAP. 53. Of Turnsole.

CHAP. 54. Of Of Scorpion Grass.

CHAP. 55. Of Nightshade.

CHAP. 56. Of Deadly Nightshade.

CHAP. 57. Of Winter Cherry.

CHAP. 58. Of the Marvel of Peru

CHAP. 59. Of Mad Apple.

CHAP. 60. Of Apple of Love

CHAP. 61. Of the AElig;thiopian Apple.

CHAP. 62. Of Thorn-Apples.

CHAP. 63. Of Bitter-sweet, or Woody Nightshade.

CHAP. 64. Of Enchanter's Nightshade.

CHAP. 65. Of Mandrake.

CHAP. 66. Of Henbane.

CHAP. 67. Of Yellow Henbane, or English Tobacco.

CHAP. 68. Of Tobacco, or Henbane of Peru.

CHAP. 69. Of Tree Nightshade.

CHAP. 70. Of Balsam Apple, or Apple of Jerusalem.

CHAP. 71. Of Guinea or Indian Pepper.

CHAP. 72. Of Horned Poppy.

CHAP. 73. Of Garden Poppies.

CHAP. 74. Of Corn-Rose, or Wild Poppy.

CHAP. 75. Of Bastard Wild Poppy.

CHAP. 76. Of Wind-Flowers.

CHAP. 77. Of divers other Anemones, or Wind-Flowers.

CHAP. 78. Of Wild Anemones, or Wind-Flowers.

CHAP. 79. Of Bastard Anemones, or Pasque-flowers.

CHAP. 80. Of Adonis Flower.

CHAP. 81. Of Docks.

CHAP. 82. Of Water Docks.

CHAP. 83. Of Rhubarb.

CHAP. 84. Of Sorrel.

CHAP. 85. Of Bistort or Snake-Weed.

CHAP. 86. Of Scurvy-Grass, or Spoonwort.

CHAP. 87. Of Twayblade, or Herb Bifoil.

CHAP. 88. Of Adder's-Tongue.

CHAP. 89. Of One-Berry, or Herb True-Love, and Moonwort.

CHAP. 90. Of Wintergreen.

CHAP. 91. Of Lily in the valley, or May Lily.

CHAP. 92. Of Sea Lavender.

CHAP. 93. Of Serapia's Turpeth, or Sea Starwort.

CHAP. 94. Of Turpeth of Antioch.

CHAP. 95. Of Arrow-Head, or Water-Archer.

CHAP. 96. Of Water Plantain.

CHAP. 97. Of Land Plantain.

CHAP. 98. Of Ribwort.

CHAP. 99. Of Sea Plantains.

CHAP. 100. Of Sea Buck-Horn Plantains.

CHAP. 101. Of Buck-Horn Plantains, or Hartshorn

CHAP. 102. Of Saracen's Confound.

CHAP. 103. Of Golden-Rod.

CHAP. 103. Of Captain Andrea Doria his Woundwort.

CHAP. 105. Of Felwort, or Baldmoney.

CHAP. 106. Of English Felwort.

CHAP. 107. Of Bastard Felwort.

CHAP. 106. Of Calathian Violet, or Autumn Bell-Flower.

CHAP. 109. Of Venus' Looking-Glass.

CHAP. 110 Of White Hellebore or Neeze-Wort.

CHAP. 111. Of Wild White Hellebore.

CHAP. 112. Of Our Lady's Slipper.

CHAP. 113. Of Soapwort.

CHAP. 114. Of Arsesmart or Water-Pepper.

CHAP. 115. Of Bell-Flowers.

CHAP. 116. Of Throatwort, or Canterbury Bells.

CHAP. 117. Of Peach-Bells and Steeple-Bells.

CHAP. 118. Of Rampions, or Wild Bell-Flowers

CHAP. 119. Of Wallflowers, or Yellow Stock-Gillyflowers.

CHAP. 120. Of Stock-Gillyflowers.

CHAP. 121. Of Sea Stock-Gillyflower.

CHAP. 122. Of Dame's Violets, or Queen's Gillyflowers.

CHAP. 123. Of White Satin-Flower

CHAP. 124. Of Galen and Dioscorides' Moonworts or Madworts.

CHAP. 125. Of Campion of Constantinople.

CHAP. 126. Of Rose-Campion.

CHAP. 127. Of Wild Rose-Campions.

CHAP. 128. Of divers other wild Campions.

CHAP. 129. Of Willow-Herb, or Loosestrife.

CHAP. 130. Of Barrenwort.

CHAP. 131. Of Fleabane.

CHAP. 132. Of Starwort.

CHAP. 133. Of Woad.

CHAP. 134. Of Cow Basil.

CHAP. 135. Of Sesamoides, or Bastard Weld or Woad.

CHAP. 136. Of Dyer's Weed.

CHAP. 137. Of Stavesacre.

CHAP. 138. Of Palma Christi

CHAP. 139. Of Spurge.

CHAP. 140. Of Herb Terrible.

CHAP. 141. Of Herb Aloe or Sea Houseleek.

CHAP. 142. Of Houseleek or Sengreen.

CHAP. 143. Of the Lesser Houseleeks or Prick-Madams.

CHAP. 144. Of divers other small Sengreens.

CHAP. 145. Of Stonecrop, called Wall-Pepper.

CHAP. 146. Of Orpine.

CHAP. 147. Of the Smaller Orpines.

CHAP. 148. Of Purslane.

CHAP. 149. Of Sea Purslane, and of the Shrubby Sengreens.

CHAP. 150. Of Herb Ivy, or Ground Pine.

CHAP. 152. Of Navelwort, or Pennywort of the Wall.

CHAP. 152. Of SeaPennywort.

CHAP. 153. Of Rosewort, or Roseroot.

CHAP. 144. Of Samphire

CHAP. 155. Of Glass Saltwort.

CHAP. 156. Of Thoroughwax.

CHAP. 157. Of Honeywort.

CHAP. 158. Of St. John's Wort.

CHAP. 159. Of Saint Peter's Wort, or Square St. John's Grass.

CHAP. 160. Of Tutsan or Park-Leaves.

CHAP. 161. Of Bastard St. John's Wort.

CHAP. 161. Of the Great Centaury.

CHAP. 163. Of Small Centaury.

CHAP. 164. Of Calves'-Snout, or Snapdragon.

CHAP. 165. Of Toad-Flax

CHAP. 166. Of Garden Flax.

CHAP. 167. Of Wild Flax.

CHAP. 168. Of Black Saltwort.

CHAP. 169. Of Milkwort

CHAP. 170. Of Knot-Grass.

CHAP. 171. Of Sundry Sorts of Knot-Grasses.

CHAP. 172. Of Rupturewort.

Part 3

CHAP. 173. Of Wild Thyme.

CHAP. 174. Of Garden Thyme.

CHAP. 175. Of Savory.

CHAP. 176. Of Dodder.

CHAP. 177. Of Hyssop.

CHAP. 178. Of Hedge Hyssop.

CHAP. 179. Of Lavender Spike.

CHAP. 180. Of French Lavender, or Stickadove.

CHAP. 181. Of Flea-Wort.

CHAP. 185. Of Clove-Gillyflowers.

CHAP. 183. Of Pinks, or Wild Gillyflowers.

CHAP. 184. Of Sweet Saint Johns and Sweet-Williams.

CHAP. 185. Of Crow-Flowers, or Wild Williams.

CHAP. 186. Of Catch-Fly, or Limewort.

CHAP. 187. Of Thrift, or Our Lady's Cushion.

CHAP. 188. Of the Saxifrage of the Ancients, and of that great one of Matthiolus, with that of Pena and Lobel.

CHAP. 189. Of Sneezewort.

CHAP. 190. Of Hare's Ear.

CHAP. 191. Of Gromwell.

CHAP. 192. Of Chickweed.

CHAP. 193. Of the Bastard Chickweeds.

CHAP. 194. Of Pimpernel

CHAP. 195. Of Brooklime, or Water Pimpernel.

CHAP. 196. Of Stinking Ground-Pine.

CHAP. 197. Of Whiteblow, or Whitlow Grass.

CHAP. 198. Of the Female Fluellen, or Speedwell.

CHAP. 199. Of Fluellen the male, or Paul's Betony.

CHAP. 200. Of Herb Twopence.

CHAP. 201. Of Bugle or Middle Comfrey.

CHAP. 202. Of Self-Heal.

CHAP. 203. Of the great Daisy, or Maudlin-Wort.

CHAP. 204. Of little Daisies.

CHAP. 205. Of Mouse-Ear.

CHAP. 206. Of Cottonweed or Cudweed.

CHAP. 207. Of Golden Mothwort or Cudweed.

CHAP. 208. Of Golden Flower-Gentle.

CHAP. 209. Of Costmary and Maudlin.

CHAP. 210. Of Tansy.

CHAP. 211. Of Feverfew

CHAP. 212. Of Poley, or Pellamountain.

CHAP. 213. Of Germander.

CHAP. 214. Of Tree Germander

CHAP. 216. Of Wood Sage, or Garlic Sage.

CHAP. 217. Of Eyebright.

CHAP. 218. Of Marjoram.

CHAP. 219. Of Wild Marjoram.

CHAP. 220. Of Goat's Marjoram, or Organy.

CHAP. 221. Of Herb Mastic.

CHAP. 222. Of Pennyroyal, or Pudding Grass.

CHAP. 223. Of Basil.

CHAP. 224. Of Wild Basil.

CHAP. 225. Of Basil Valerian.

CHAP. 226. Of Mints.

CHAP. 227. Of Nip, or Catmint.

CHAP. 228. Of Horse-Mint or Water-Mint.

CHAP. 229. Of Mountain Mint or Calamint.

CHAP. 230. Of Balm.

CHAP. 231. Of Horehound.

CHAP. 232. Of Wild Horehound.

CHAP. 233. Of the Ironworts or All-heals.

CHAP. 234. Of Water Horehound.

CHAP. 235. Of Black or Stinking Horehound.

CHAP. 236. Of Archangel, or Dead-Nettle.

CHAP. 237. Of Motherwort.

CHAP. 238. Of Stinging Nettle.

CHAP. 240. Of Hemp.

CHAP. 240. Of Wild Hemp.

CHAP. 241. Of Water-Hemp.

CHAP. 242. Of Agrimony.

CHAP. 243. Of Sawwort.

CHAP. 244. Of Betony.

CHAP. 245. Of Water-Betony.

CHAP. 246. Of Great Fig-wort, or Brownwort.

CHAP. 247. Of Vervain.

CHAP. 248. Of Scabious.

CHAP. 249. Of Devil's-Bit.

CHAP. 250. Of Matfellon or Knapweed.

CHAP. 251. Of Silver Knapweed.

CHAP. 252. Of Bluebottle, or Corn-Flower.

CHAP. 253. Of Goat's-Beard, or Go-To-Bed-At-Noon.

CHAP. 254. Of Viper's-Grass.

CHAP. 255. Of Marigolds.

CHAP. 256. Of German Marigolds.

CHAP. 257. Of Corn-Marigold.

CHAP. 258. Of Ox-Eye.

CHAP. 259. Of French Marigold, or African Marigold.

CHAP. 259. Of the Flower of the Sun, or the Marigold of Peru.

CHAP. 261. Of Jerusalem Artichoke.

CHAP. 262. Of Camomile.

CHAP. 263. Of Mayweed, or Wild Camomile.

CHAP. 264. Of Pellitory of Spain.

CHAP. 265. Of Leopard's Bane.

CHAP. 266. Of Sage.

CHAP. 267. Of French Sage or Woody Mullein.

CHAP. 268. Of Clary.

CHAP. 269. Of Wild Clary, or Oculus Christi.

CHAP. 270. Of Mullein.

CHAP. 271. Of Base Mullein.

CHAP. 272. Of Moth Mullein.

CHAP. 273. Of Mullein of Ethiopia.

CHAP. 274. Of Cowslips.

CHAP. 275. Of Bird's-Eye.

CHAP. 276. Of Bear's-Ears, or Mountain Cowslips.

CHAP. 277. Of Mountain Sanicle.

CHAP. 278. Of Foxgloves

CHAP. 279. Of Baccharis out of Dioscorides.

CHAP. 280. Of Elecampane.

CHAP. 281. Of Sauce-Alone, or Jack-of-the-Hedge.

CHAP. 282. Of Dittany.

CHAP. 283. Of Borage.

CHAP. 284. Of Bugloss.

CHAP. 285. Of Alkanet or wild Bugloss.

CHAP. 286. Of Wall and Viper's Bugloss.

CHAP. 287. Of Hound's-Tongue.

CHAP. 288. Of Comfrey, or Great Confound.

CHAP. 289. Of Cowslips of Jerusalem.

CHAP. 290. Of Clot-Bur, or Burdock.

CHAP. 291. Of Coltsfoot, or Horse-Foot.

CHAP. 292. Of Butterbur.

CHAP. 293. Of Mountain Horse-Foot.

CHAP. 294. Of Small Celandine or Pilewort.

CHAP. 295. Of Marsh Marigold.

CHAP. 296. Of Frog-Bit.

CHAP. 297. Of Water-Lily.

CHAP. 298. Of Pondweed, or Waterspike.

CHAP. 299. Of Water Saligot, Water Caltrops, or Water-Nuts.

CHAP. 300. Of Water Sengreen, or Fresh-Water Soldier.

CHAP. 301. Of Water-Yarrow, and Water Gillyflower.

CHAP. 302. Of Duck's Meat.

CHAP. 303. Of Water Crowfoot.

CHAP. 304. Of Dragons.

CHAP. 305. Of Cuckoo-Pint, or Wake-Robin.

CHAP. 306. Of Friar's Cowl or Hooded Cuckoo-Pint.

CHAP. 307. Of Asarabacca.

CHAP. 308. Of Sea Bindweed.

CHAP. 309. Of the Grass of Parnassus.

CHAP. 310. Of White Saxifrage, or Golden Saxifrage.

CHAP. 311. Of Sow-Bread.

CHAP. 312. Of Birthworts.

CHAP. 313. Of Violets.

CHAP. 314. Of Heartsease, or Pansies.

CHAP. 315. Of Ground-Ivy, or Ale-Hoof.

CHAP. 316. Of Ivy.

CHAP. 317. Of Rough Bindweed.

CHAP. 318. Of Smooth or Gentle Bindweed.

CHAP. 319. Of Blue Bindweed.

CHAP. 320. Of Scammony, or Purging Bindweed.

CHAP. 321. Of Bryony, or the white Vine.

CHAP. 322. Of Black Briony, or the Wild Vine.

CHAP. 323. Of Bryony of Mexico.

CHAP. 324. Of the Manured Vine.

CHAP. 325. Of Hops.

CHAP. 326. Of Traveller's Joy.

CHAP. 327. Of Lady's Bower.

CHAP. 328. Of Purging Periwinkle, Or Virgin's Bower.

CHAP. 329. Of Woodbine, or Honeysuckle.

CHAP. 330. Of Jasmine, or Gelsemine.

CHAP. 331. Of Periwinkle.

CHAP. 332. Of Capers.

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