Gerard's Herbal


Volume 1

Bibliographic and Editorial Note

Title Page

Introduction by Edmund Gosse

Dedication to William Cecil, Lord Burghley

Stephen Bredwell to the Reader

George Baker to the Reader

John Gerard to the Reader

Thomas Johnson to the Reader


CHAP 1. Of Meadow Grass.

CHAP. 2. Of Red Dwarf-Grass.

CHAP. 3. Of Corn-Grass.

CHAP. 4. Of Millet grass.

CHAP. 5. Of Darnel Grass.

CHAP. 6. Of Feather-top, Fern, and Wood-Grass.

CHAP. 7. Of Great Fox-tail grass.

CHAP. 8. Of Cat's-tail Grass.

CHAP. 9. Of Cyperus Grass.

CHAP. 10. Of Water-Grass.

CHAP. 11. Of Float-Grass.

CHAP. 12. Of Kneed-Grass.

CHAP. 13. Of Bearded Panic Grass.

CHAP. 14. Of Hedgehog Grass.

CHAP. 15. Of Hairy Wood-Grass.

CHAP. 16. Of Sea Spike-Grass.

CHAP. 17. Of Couch-Grass, or Dog's-Grass.

CHAP. 18. Of Sea Dog's-Grass.

CHAP. 19. Of Upright Dog's-Grass.

CHAP. 20. Of Dew-Grass.

CHAP. 21. Of divers Cyperus Grasses.

CHAP. 22. Of divers other Grasses.

CHAP. 23. Of Cotton Grass.

CHAP. 24. Of English Galingale.

CHAP. 25. Of Italian Trasi, or Spanish Galingale.

CHAP. 26. Of the true Galingale, the greater and the lesser.

CHAP. 27. Of Turmeric.

CHAP. 28. Of Zedoary.

CHAP. 29. Of Rushes.

CHAP. 30. Of Reeds.

CHAP. 31. Of Sugar Cane.

CHAP. 32. Of Flowering Reed.

CHAP. 33. Of Paper Reed.

CHAP. 34. Of Mat-weed.

CHAP. 35. Of Camels' Hay.

CHAP. 36. Of Bur-Reed.

CHAP. 37. Of Cat's Tail.

CHAP. 38. Of Stitchwort.

CHAP. 39. Of Spiderwort.

CHAP. 40. Of the Fleur-de-lys.

CHAP. 41. Of Fleur-de-lys of Florence.

CHAP 42. Of Variable Fleur-de-lys.

CHAP. 43. Of Stinking Gladdon.

CHAP. 44. Of Ginger.

CHAP. 45. Of Aromatical Reeds.

CHAP. 46. Of Corn.

CHAP. 47. Of Rye

CHAP. 48. Of Spelt corn.

CHAP. 49. Of Starch Corn.

CHAP. 50. Of Barley.

CHAP. 51. Of Naked Barley.

CHAP. 52. Of Wall Barley.

CHAP. 53. Of Saint Peter's Corn.

CHAP. 54. Of Oats.

CHAP. 55. Of Wild Oats.

CHAP. 56. Of Bearded Wild Oats.

CHAP. 57. Of Burnt Corn.

CHAP. 58. Of Darnel.

CHAP. 59. Of Rice.

CHAP. 60. Of Millet.

CHAP. 61. Of Turkey Corn.

CHAP. 62. Of Turkey Millet.

CHAP. 63. Of Panic.

CHAP. 64. Of Canary Seed, or Petty Panic.

CHAP. 65. Of Fox-Tail.

CHAP. 66. Of Job's Tears.

CHAP. 67. Of Buckwheat.

CHAP. 69. Of Wild Cow-wheat.

CHAP. 70. Of White Asphodel.

CHAP. 71. Of the King's Spear.

CHAP. 72. Of Onion Asphodel.

CHAP. 73. Of Yellow Lilies.

CHAP. 74. Of Bulbed Fleur-de-lys.

CHAP. 75. Of Spanish Nut.

CHAP. 76. Of Corn-Flag.

CHAP. 77. Of Starry Hyacinths and their Kinds.

CHAP. 78. Of Autumn Hyacinths.

CHAP. 79. Of the English Hyacinth, or Harebells.

CHAP. 80. Of Fair-haired Hyacinth.

CHAP. 81. Of Muscari or Musked Grape-flower.

CHAP. 82. Of Woolly Bulbus.

CHAP. 83. Of two feigned Plants.

CHAP. 84. Of Daffodils.

CHAP. 85. Of the Bastard Dafodill.

CHAP. 86. Of divers other Daffodils or Narcissuss.

CHAP. 87. Of Tulip, or the Dalmatian Cap.

CHAP. 88. Of Bulbous Violets.

CHAP. 89. Of Turkey or Guinea-hen flower.

CHAP. 91. Of Meadow Saffron.

CHAP. 92. Of Star of Bethlehem.

CHAP. 93. Of Onions.

CHAP. 94. Of Squills, or Sea-Onions.

CHAP. 95. Of Leeks.

CHAP. 96. Of Chives and Wild Leeks.

CHAP. 97. Of Garlic.

CHAP. 98. Of Crow-Garlic and Ramsons.

CHAP. 99. Of Mountain Garlic.

CHAP. 100. Of Moly, or the Sorcerer's garlic.

CHAP. 101. Of divers other Molies.

CHAP. 102. Of White Lilies.

CHAP. 103. Of Red Lilies.

CHAP. 104. Of Mountain Lilies.

CHAP. 105. Of the Red Lily of Constantinople.

CHAP. 106. Of the narrow-leaved reflex Lilies.

CHAP. 107. Of the Persian Lily.

CHAP. 108. Of the Crown Imperial.

CHAP. 109. Of Dog's Tooth.

CHAP. 110. Of Dog's Stones.

CHAP. 111. Of Fool's Stones.

CHAP. 112. Of Goat's Stones.

CHAP. 113. Of Fox Stones.

CHAP. 114. Of Sweet Cullions.

CHAP. 115. Of Satyrion Royal.

CHAP. 116. Of Serapis' Stones.

CHAP. 117. Of Fenny Stones.

CHAP. 118. Of Bird's Nest.

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