Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies

Frontispiece - Morning by William Hogarth

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Mrs. Abbingon, next door to the Butcher's shop, Store-street.


Mrs. Bid, No, 27, Salisbury-street, Strand.
Miss Bron, No. 4, Princess-street, Cavendish square.
Miss Brley, No. 61, South Moulton-street.
Mrs. Books, next to the Pawnbroker, Newman-street.
Miss Blford, Titchfield-street.
Miss Bdfd, No. 44, Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square.
The Miss Byan and Sith Sisters, No. 7, Windmill-street, Rathbone place.


Mrs. Chislme, No. 11, Berner-street.
Miss Charton, same house as the last lady.
Mrs. Corish, No. 66, Well-street.
Miss Coway, No. 50, Slone-square.
Mrs. Cild No. 24, Newman-street.


Mrs. Dnby, No. 82, Queen Ann-street.
Mrs. Books, next to the Pawnbroker, Newman-street.
Miss Dvis, No. 22, Upper Newman-street.
Miss Davs, No. 28, Margaret-street, Oxford Market.
Mrs. Dlvt, No. 46, Hanover-street, Hanover-square.


Miss Ricson, No. 14, Titchfield-street.
Mrs, Ellit, No. 24, Pit-street.


Miss Frar, No. 6, Queen-street, Golden Square.


Miss Gold, No. 61, Well-street.
Miss Godfy, No. 22, Upper Newman-street.
Miss Gronmosd, No. 59, South-Moulton-street.
Mrs. Gge, No. 13, South Moulton-street.
Mrs. Gfrey, No 6, Newman-street.
Mrs. G, at Mrs. Les. No. 9, Wardour-street.


Mrs. Haon, No. 4, York-street, Queen Ann Street.
Mrs. Harrisn, next door to the Shoe-maker's Shop, Cleveland-street, New Moulton-street.
Mrs. Hrvey, No. 6, Upper Newman-street.
Miss Hrington, Newman-street.
Miss Hnds, No. 6, Church-street, Soho.
Mrs. Hosey, No. 30, Crop-street, Lambeth-road.
Miss Hry, No. 16, Phoenix street, Soho.


Miss Joes, No. 16, Edward-street, Cavendish-square.
Miss Jnson, No. 17, Willow-walk, near the Dog and Duck.


Miss Lawre, No. 6, Church-street, St. Ann's. Soho.
Miss Le, Berwick-street, Soho.
Miss Lesr, No. 23, Upper Newman-street.
Mrs. Ltlen, No. 3, Salisbury-street, Strand.
Miss Lws, No. 36, Wells-street, Oxford-street.
Miss Lthe, No. 12, Castle-street, Oxford-market.


Miss Moe, No. 1, Charles-street, Newman-street.
Miss Mtague, Meard-street.
Mrs. Mchall, No. 52, Margate-street.
Mrs. Mactney, Great Titchfield-street.


Mrs. Pge, No. 26, Upper Newman-street.
Miss Pctor, Cursitor-street, formerly of Gress-street.
Mrs. Pice, No. 19, St. George's Row, Apollo Gardens.


Mrs. Rad, No. 66, Queen Anne Street East.
Mrs. Rssell, No. 17, Fludger-street, Westminster.


Miss Sctt, No. 44, Margaret-street, Cavendish-square.
Miss Shrd, No. 46, Goodge-street.
Miss Stos, No. 15, Steven-street.
Mrs. Stton, at the Shoe-makers, Corner of Upper Newman-street.
Miss Swyn, Chelsea.


Miss Townsd, No. 12, Gress-street.


Miss Vghan, No. 24, Upper Newman-street.
Mrs. Vcent, Wardourstreet.


Miss Watsn, No. 36, Well-street.
Miss Wilsn, No. 11, Green-street, Cavendish-square.
Miss Wills, No. 6, Princess-street, Cavendish-square.
Mrs. Willms, No. 17, Pit-street.
Miss Was, No. 60, South Moulton-street.
Miss Wels, No. 35, Newman-street.
Miss Wby, No. 3, Gress-street, Rathbone-place.
Miss W-ln, No. 27, Litchfield-street, Soho.

Miss , at Mrs. Ross's, No. 7, Wardour-street.
Miss , No. 44, Newman-street, Oxford street.