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Cony-Catching - A Table of the Laws contained in this second part.

A Table of the Laws contained in this second part.


1 Black Art.

Picking of locks.

2 Courbing Law.

Hooking at windows.

3 Vincents Law.

Cozenage at Bowls.

4 Prigging Law.

Horse stealing.

5 Lifting Law.

Stealing of any parcels.

The discovery of the words of Art used in these Laws.

In black Art.

         The Picklock, is called a Charm.

         He that watcheth, a Stond.

         Their engines, Wresters.

         Picking the lock, Farsing.

         The gains gotten, Pelfrey.

In courbing Law.

         He that hooks, the Courber.

         He that watcheth, the Warp.

         The hook, the Courb.

         The goods, Snappings .

         The gin to open the window, the Trickar.

In lifting Law.

         He that first stealeth, the Lift.

         He that receives it, the Marker.

         He that standeth without and carries it away, the Santer.

         The goods gotten, Garbage.

In Vincent's Law.

         They which play booty, the Bankers.

         He that betteth, the Gripe.

         He that is cozened, the Vincent.

         Gains gotten, Termage.

In Prigging Law.

         The horse stealer, the Prigger.

         The horse, the Prancer.

         The tolling place, All-hallows.

         The toller, the Rifler.

         The sureties, Querris.

For the Foist and the Nip, as in the first Book.

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