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King of the Beggars - Contents

King of the Beggars - Contents

Portrait of Carew

Title Page
Of the Revised Edition

By The Editor

Chapter I
His Early Life; Joining the Gypsies

Chapter II
His First Ventures as an Imposter

Chapter III
His Trip to Newfoundland; Impersonating a Shipwrecked Fisherman.

Chapter IV
He Falls Victim to the Tender Passion

Chapter V
He Impersonates a Clergyman

Chapter VI
Further Impostures

Chapter VII.
He is Crowned King of the Beggars

Chapter VIII
Not resting on His Authority, He Continues his Career

Chapter IX
He is Imprisoned and Transported to Maryland, but Escapes

Chapter X
He is Captured again and Suffers Grievously for his Sense of Honour

Chapter XI.
A Digression on the History of the Colony of Maryland

Chapter XII
He Escapes Again and is Taken in by the Indians

Chapter XIII
In Pennsylvania He Makes a Fine Quaker

Chapter XIV
His Further Adventures in America

Chapter XVI
He Revisits Some Old Friends

Chapter XVII
He Returns to his Impostures

Chapter XVIII
He Joins Forces with a Fellow-beggar who is not what he Seems

Chapter XIX
He meets with the Captains who Helped him Escape; He Sleeps in a Haunted House; His Revenge on the Bellman

Chapter XX
More Adventures in Beggary and Imposture

Chapter XXI
His Journey to Ireland.

Chapter XXII
He Returns to England and Resumes his Old Ways

Chapter XXIII
He Bilks the Customs' Men

Chapter XXIV
His Voyage to the Baltic

Chapter XXV
His Benevolence towards an Unfortunate Child; He Travels to France and Meets the Charitable Mrs. Horner

Chapter XXVI
He is Seized and Transported again

Chapter XXVII
A Description of the City and Harbour of Boston

Chapter XXVIII
He Returns to England and is Reunited with his Family

Chapter XXIX
He Deceives the Queen, and Fools Squire Morrice for a Bet; Going to Oxford, he Poses as a Deranged Scholar

Chapter XXX
He Bilks Several Parsons

Chapter XXXI
He Goes to Scotland to Observe the Rebellion

Chapter XXXIII
The Miracles of Bridgewater, and the Irish Mountebank

Chapter XXXIV
He turns Conjurer; and is Revenged on the Uncharitable

Chapter XXXV
Further Adventures, and the End of our Story

A Dictionary of the Cant Language.