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The Black Book by Thomas Middleton

The Black Book by Thomas Middleton

Robert Greene, author of the Complete Cony-Catching, (available on the Ex-Classics Website at https://www.exclassics.com/cony/conyintro.htm ) promised a more extensive review of Elizabethan criminals and prostitutes to be entitled The Black Book. However, he died in 1592 before he could write it.

Thomas Middleton is best known as a dramatist, but could turn his pen to anything that would bring in some money. He cashed in on Greene's popularity by bringing forth a pamphlet called The Black Book in 1604. In it, the Devil makes a tour of his minions in London, visiting brothel-keepers, swindlers, gamblers, corrupt officials and other of his followers.

This edition is taken from The Works of Thomas Middleton, Edited by A. H. Bullen, B. A. Vol. 8. Houghton Mifflin, New York, 1886. Spelling has been modernised and some extra notes added to those in that edition.



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