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1. In the first book of Harington's epigrams, he has one addressed "To Master Cooke, the queen's attorney," that was incited to call Misacmos into the Star-chamber, but refused it; saying, he that could give another a venu had a sure ward for himself.

Epig. xlv. Book 1.

Those that of dainty fare make dear provision,
If some bad Cooks mar it with dressing evil,
Are wont to say in jest, but just derision,
The meat from God, the Cooks came from the devil:
But if this dish, though draff in apparition,
Were made thus sauc'd, a service not uncivil,
Say ye that taste and not digest the book,
The devil go with the meat, God with the Cook.

            Several other epigrams relating to his Metamorphosis of Ajax, alluding to Elizabeth's displeasure, &c. will be found in the same collection, some of which I have subjoined at the end of this advertisement.

2. Caedant arma togae] "Let arms yield to the toga" i.e. let military power yield to civil.

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